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Hannah Shelton

This sophomore at Verrado High School in Buckeye, Arizona, is currently the FC social media manager, and will be president next year!

Hannah Shelton

I love creating things—music and clothes.

Tell us a bit about yourself: Fashion and music are things I have loved since I was little. I love performing and writing music, and wearing something to express myself while doing that. I love creating things—music and clothes. I have always felt like I need to choose one or the other for my life plan, but one day I hope to incorporate music into fashion so I can do the both of the things I love most.

Tell us about your Fashion Club: Seriously the coolest thing ever. We are all so different and unique, and come together for something we all love. We planned a fashion show and had only two practices, but it was perfect! Our club made over $700, and got amazing feedback. Currently we are working on a magazine this week called "The Mix," and so far have sold 80 copies. Each page is completely different showcasing everyone’s aesthetic and style. It looks amazing.

What are your next year plans for Fashion Club? Definitely a fashion show, and more than one. I'm hoping to have one in fall and spring. For sure another magazine! I think a YouTube channel would be a super fun project, considering we have people who are great with a camera in our club.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments? Being able to handle school, cross country, track, student government, Fashion Club, and music at the same time.

What particular item in your wardrobe is your favorite right now? My flared high waisted jeans from H&M's new spring collection! They are like ‘70s queen pants.

What are your career goals? To be a musician wearing her own designs.

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Hannah Shelton

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