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Evy Hartland

This FC Co-President created a winning design in the Broadview Heights High School fashion show in Ohio

Evelyn Hartland

We plan on teaching our members basic sewing techniques...with the final goal of holding a fashion show for our school at the end of the year.”

Tell us a little about yourself: I love to design sketches and shop!! I also like helping people figure out what they should wear.

How did you get involved in Fashion Club at your high school? My friend and I started our school's Fashion Club after we heard about other schools' clubs at FIDM’s 3 Days of Fashion Summer Program in L.A.

What kinds of activities do you do at your Fashion Club meetings? We're just starting out as a club, but we plan on teaching our members basic sewing techniques and how to express their creativity through fashion with the final goal of holding a fashion show for our school at the end of the year.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments? One of my proudest accomplishments would have to be winning in the fashion show our school put on last year—where the same friend and I both won admission to the 3 Days of Fashion. We both worked so hard and designed some really cool stuff, and I was so happy when I won that I cried.

What’s a fashion trend you’re loving right now? I'm currently really loving the '90s-era and grunge styles that have been coming back lately. I also just really like anything from or inspired by other time periods or vintage styles like the '50s and '60s, because it's so easy to find something you think looks cool and put your own spin on it!

Who do you follow on Instagram and Pinterest, for fashion inspiration? My fave Instagram for style inspiration: @itsjeremyscott, @moschino, @lazyoaf, @littlepineneedle, @wantingcollection, @thetinylittlegirl. My fave Pinterest for style inspiration: @barbiecouture21, @Nico5412142003, @ninjacosmico, @psimadethis, @SlytherinMia, @littlepinetree3

Do you have plans to attend FIDM? I'm definitely considering attending FIDM if I choose to pursue a career in fashion design. I visited over the summer and it looked super cool.

What are your career goals? I don't know for sure what I want to do as an adult; I'm considering whether to study fashion design or veterinary medicine.

Anything else you’d like to share? I have a Pinterest if you want to check it out, @iwbmuffintough. I also have an Instagram where I hope to start posting some of my craft and fashion stuff if you want to check that out as well @iwasbuiltmuffintough

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FIDM Fashion Club Co-President Evelyn Hartland

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