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Dani Gross

This sixteen year old YULA FC President speaks Hebrew and Chinese, and just got accepted into the Merchandise Marketing program at FIDM to start in the fall of 2016.

Dani Gross

I am proud of my unique heritage and am involved in projects and charities that work to strengthen Israel.

How did your FIDM Advisor help with the admissions process? Kathi Gilbert was amazing. We met last summer and she encouraged me to apply as a junior. She was incredibly positive about my background and the opportunities that FIDM could provide to me. We completed the admissions process over my spring break. I'm set for an amazing senior year with my college plans in place.

Tell us a bit about yourself: I have played soccer since elementary school and have served as the captain of our school team in addition to playing AYSO. One of my most exciting moments was to play on the Los Angeles team in the Maccabi Games, which are the Jewish Olympics. I take an active role in our school's FIDM Fashion Club and will serve as the President of the Club for the year ahead. With all the major stores close by, we are looking forward to a wonderful year in the Club and an amazing fashion show on our campus.

What are your proudest accomplishments so far? I am one of approximately 100,000 girls adopted from China and a very small percentage of girls that attend Jewish Day School. I speak English, Hebrew, and Chinese. I am proud of my unique heritage and am involved in projects and charities that work to strengthen Israel.

What made FIDM right for you? I was searching for a program that would provide me with strong marketing and merchandising skills. FIDM offered me that unique mix of business creativity tied to fashion and retail.

Describe your entrance project: I utilized my hometown and created a fictitious, but fabulous store in Beverly Hills called Daniland, which was a boutique and candy store. I also took great outfits and set them on the backdrop of Los Angeles including the beach and Rodeo Drive.

What are your career goals? My family owns a small retail chain of pharmacies and office building gift shops in Beverly Hills, Century City, and Irvine. I have worked at Mickey Fine and hope to take the knowledge I gain to help drive the growth and expansion of our family business. In addition, I continually work to import products from Israel and have made it a priority to build business ties between the US, Israel, and China.

What do you expect to learn at FIDM? I am excited to learn the fundamentals of business, merchandising, and marketing. I also love fashion. Who knows, Mickey Fine could even expand into the fashion business with new stores.

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Dani Gross

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