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Ashley Graves

Rocklin HS FC President leads her club in t-shirt fundraiser to attend the FIDM DEBUT Runway Show, and gets featured on TV.

Ashley Graves

Fashion Club has created a bond with a group of students at my school who have all the same interests, and we're loving it.

Tell us a little about yourself: I'm 16, I have a very strong love for fashion and I enjoy cheerleading.

How did you get involved in Fashion Club at your high school? I was involved as a member freshman year; then I didn't participate sophomore year. A new spot opened up for president and I thought it was an amazing opportunity, so I went for it. And here I am.

What kinds of activities do you do at your Fashion Club meetings? Some activities we do at our meetings are talking about current trends, creating the designs for our products, and sharing ideas about future plans we have. We're planning on producing our own fashion show at the end of the school year.

Tell us about the fundraiser you're doing to go to the FIDM DEBUT Runway Show in LA: The fundraiser my club is doing to raise money is selling clothing and accessories that my club designed for our school and t-shirts for our school’s student section.

Tell us about your upcoming TV feature on Good Day Sacramento! We will be on Good Day Sacramento on January 24, 2016! We hope to communicate to the viewing audience about how we produced clothes and how we are planning to go to the FIDM DEBUT Runway Show in LA. We will also be giving fashion tips!

What’s your winter style staple? My winter style staple would definitely be riding boots. I love how they can tie an outfit together perfectly!

Who's your fave designer and why? Sherri Hill, she's my favorite because she has such beautiful designs and her dresses are always perfect.

Do you have plans to attend FIDM? Yes! I definitely plan on attending FIDM, specifically the San Diego campus.

What are your career goals? My career goals are to be a fashion marketing manager.

Anything else you’d like to share? I'd like to share that the Fashion Club program is amazing and that creating a club at my school has bonded a group of students with all the same interests, and we're loving it!

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Ashley Graves

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