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Angelina Moten

A senior at Byron P. Steele High School in Cibolo, Texas, FC President Angelina is currently working on her application to get accepted to FIDM.

Angelina Moten

My end goal is to become a talented costume designer, for theater and the arts has always been something that I have absolutely loved.

Tell us a little about yourself: I am African American, German, and Hungarian, and spent the first 16 years of my life in Germany. I miss Europe a lot but moving to America has opened up a lot of opportunities for me, and I have had many amazing experiences. I took Fashion Design in high school last year and am now one of the three students in Advanced Fashion Design at my school. I have always been an artistic person and Fashion Design is definitely a huge outlet for my creative side.

How did you get involved in Fashion Club? My junior year, I moved to the states for the first time, and after doing some college research I found out about the FIDM Fashion Club program. I thought about starting one that year but being the new kid and all, I couldn’t get out of my comfort zone enough to do it and the process of making one seemed somewhat complicated. This year we had a guest speaker from FIDM come in and she suggested that I start one, quickly explaining the process for me. I looked at my friend and thought why not? I signed up that evening.

What kinds of activities do you do at your Fashion Club meetings? Since we are just in the beginning of our Fashion Club journey, our meetings have been mainly informational. I gave the first group presentation a week ago where I talked about a summer college program I went to in which I studied fashion. Other activities that are planned is to teach the club members how to embroider and make their own patterns, have a model drawing workshop, and planning and hopefully successfully executing Steele High School’s first annual Fashion Show, which will showcase the work of students. Our main focus however is to help prepare club members for college and to encourage them to pursue their area of interest.

What’s a fashion trend you’re loving right now? Although it was more of a spring/summer trend I absolutely love ribbed halter crop tops! I’ve always greatly admired the female body and I think the tops compliment it amazingly. Another trend I’ve been desperately trying to become a part of is wearing boyfriend jeans. I love comfortable clothing and what’s better than being comfortable and in style?!

Who do you follow on Instagram and Pinterest, for fashion inspiration? Paul Keng! He was my Fashion Illustration instructor at Summer of Art and has a great personality not to mention amazing talent. I also follow other illustration, and style blogs, for I enjoy seeing the unique style that everyone has created to create their art, and hope to someday create my own.

Do you have plans to attend FIDM? Yes! I started applying a week or so ago and am currently working on my portfolio. The school seems really great so I hope that I get in!

What are your career goals? The end goal is to become a talented costume designer, for theater and the arts has always been something that I have absolutely loved. I want to help create the masterpiece that many will respond to when they go see a play or movie. Winning an Academy Award for it wouldn’t be too bad either, haha.

Anything else you’d like to share? This may be cheesy but I just want to encourage everyone to pursue the field they’re interested in! I’m a strong believer that it is more important to do what you love compared to what pays more. Creativity is essential for the mind. No matter what obstacles stand in the way, keep trying. You can do it. (:

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Angelina Moten

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