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William J. Brennan HS FC Brings Cheer to Nursing Home

Isabella Gonzales is hosting a fashion show in the Las Colinas Rehabilitation Center in San Antonio December 5th.

I am Isabella Gonzales, the FIDM Fashion Club President in San Antonio, Texas at William J. Brennan High School. When signing the papers to start this club at my school I had one main goal—to have the students of my school not only express themselves personally, but also express themselves through helping others. I wanted to give everyone an equal chance to show their work ethic, because some might not even know what they can do outside their comfort zone.

Most of the students who signed up explained they had no sense of fashion or sewing experience. I was not going to let that get in the way of them joining my club. I didn’t want to base my club off of the core tasks you have to know when working with fashion. I feel there is so much more to the world of fashion that most people don’t look into. I want to not only teach my club members how to sew and sketch, but also to show them how fashion can play a big role our lives and in our community.

With that being said, my club and I have decided to help out the elderly in creating a fashion show for Las Colinas Rehabilitation Center on December 5th.

We plan on having this fashion show be the kick off for the Christmas holiday! It is a Christmas themed runway show and we are going to have all the senior citizens participate in getting festive.

I first found out about this nursing home when Las Colinas came to my school to talk to the National Honor Society (NHS), of which I am a part of as well. NHS is based off of community service hours and charity work. Finding out that I was able to volunteer at this nursing home gave me the idea that not only I could volunteer, but so could my Fashion Club members.

The residents of the rehabilitation center probably don’t have as much excitement indoors as we young people have outside. The activity director of Las Colinas and I decided to bring the world of fashion to the residents by creating this holiday fashion show.

The clothing will consist of tie-dye shirts and festive socks. Along with creating the clothing they will be rocking on the runway, we are also going to be doing the women’s hair and makeup for the show. How am I getting these materials? Through donations and sponsorships from HEB and Wal-Mart.

Creating this Christmas fashion show will not only warm our hearts, but also that of the residents and their families. They will get the chance to enjoy the holiday festivities together.

In prepartion, we tie-dyed the shirts with the residents, so they got to participate by doing hands-on work. I am getting Sea Island Shrimp House to sponsor appetizers and snacks at the fashion show, too. This will be a huge turn-out and all I want to see come out of this is a smile from the residents. Whether this be their last Christmas or not I want to make it worth their while and enjoyable for their families to watch. I want my club to leave behind a legacy.

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William J. Brennan HS FC Brings Cheer to Nursing Home

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