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How To Plan a Successful Fashion Show at Your High School

By West Babylon High School FIDM Fashion Club in Long Island, New York

Is your Fashion Club itching to get its first official fashion show underway, but you aren’t quite sure how to start? That’s exactly how we felt at one point, too. Ever since our club was founded four years ago, we have had dreams for a big, successful fashion show at our high school. Now that we’re paired with FIDM, this will be our first year that it actually gets to happen!

First of all, who are we? We’re a group of ambitious fashionistas from Long Island, New York. Our club is filled with students who have all sorts of talents—art, writing, marketing, and (obviously) fashion. So when we officially got the green light for our first-ever school fashion show, we decided to pool all of our talents together to make the show the best that it could possibly be.

That’s our biggest tip: Think outside of the box and see what talents each club member brings to the table. Then use those talents to your advantage.

Our business-savvy members are advertising the show while the fashion-savvy members put together outfits and the writing-savvy members are keeping everyone organized and writing letters to local businesses to ask for donations. Pooling everyone’s talents together assures that the overall quality of the work is seamless.

After we found out that our show was going to be approved for this upcoming February, we immediately sat all of our members around a big table and tossed around ideas. One thing that we all unanimously agreed on was that we couldn’t make the show happen with just our small group alone—we needed to involve our entire school.

So we made a list, which is our second tip: Enlist some people outside of your club that can help make your event spectacular.

We decided to include some of the yearbook photographers who were really good at taking pictures. We recruited the Art Honor Society students to help make decorations for community service. Our school’s cosmetology classes are going to be assisting with hair and makeup, and the set builders for the school musicals are going to help us build our runway. And along with our own club members, any other girls willing to model some of our donated dresses will be given the chance to shine.

Deciding to reach out and ask for help from people outside of our Fashion Club was definitely the best idea for several reasons. First, we get to focus on what we’re best at—fashion—while students helping out from other areas get to help out on what they’re best at. This assures that the quality of everyone’s work will be spectacular, because everyone is focusing on what they can do best. Second, getting the larger student body involved helps our turnout, because students from all sorts of groups and interests (the Drama Club, makeup, fashion, photography, art, etc.) are all going to support their friends. So even if our fashion show is going to be sponsored and run by our school’s Fashion Club, it’s an event for everyone from every area of the social scene to enjoy.

So those are our two tips to make your fashion show shine—pool your own resources, and then go out and recruit people that are skilled in the areas that you may be lacking. Running your own fashion show may seem like an overwhelming task, but if you enlist the help of the right people, you can make it one of the best nights of your school year. :-)

We’d like to thank FIDM for having us share our little tips today, and if you’d like to see our fashion show in action this winter, follow us on Twitter @WBFashionClub!

West Babylon High School FIDM Fashion Club’s winter fashion show is February 4, 2016.

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How To Plan a Fashion Show at Your High School

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