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Tzniut Can Be Cute

Shalhevet High School FC produced a fashion show this winter that focused on modesty.

My name is Sarit Ashkenazi and I'm a Junior at Shalhevet High School in Los Angeles, California. My friend Gaby Benelyahu and I decided during spring time last year to start our FIDM Fashion Club, and officially started fall of the current school year.

Shalhevet is a modern orthodox high school, where female students are required to wear skirts to the knee, to demonstrate "tzniut," Hebrew for modesty. Gaby and I decided that this shouldn't be a burden on the students, rather it should be something that enhances students creativity and self expression. So this past winter, our club decided to host a fashion show titled, "Tzniut Can Be Cute."

We used our show to demonstrate how modesty can in fact be stylish.

Thirteen student models walked down the runway to upbeat music confidently, in outfits they felt comfortable in, and would actually wear. Our models are members of the club and were excited to wear the custom outfits we picked out for them from A World Curated (a designer brand) and Karen Michelle Boutique (a local boutique heavily visited by the community). Personally, this was the most exciting part of planning the show. It was amazing to have the opportunity to create outfits and have fun with color and personality, soon getting to see the outfits on our models excited to walk down the runway.

Of course, some things didn't go as planned during the dress rehearsal, so of course, Gaby and I tweaked the 13 outfits to better fit the needs of the models. Aside from this, we ran into many challenges during the planning process, starting with no funding for the show. Finding the runway was definitely the hardest part of planning the event, and working around other events at school was definitely a difficulty as well. We promoted the fashion show with the help of the community around us, especially through word of mouth. We used social media, hung flyers around the school, and sold tickets throughout the weeks leading up to the show.

When the day of the show arrived, Gaby and I were extremely excited although very nervous. Throughout the day we had our models getting ready, the runway being set up, and the vendors coming in one by one to set up their tables. There was a buzz in the air. There was no question that anyone who walked into the building felt the excitement.

Although the show was a big challenge to plan, Gaby and I learned so much in the process, and seeing how the show itself played out and affected the community, made all the planning worth it.

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