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Trashy Fashion at Hoover High

FC President Julianne Dean challenged her club to create fashions out of trash bags.

Photo (Left to Right): Hoover High Fashion Club members modeling the looks and Julianne Dean with her FC Starter Kit

Julianne Dean, FIDM Fashion Club President at Hoover High School in Alabama, just launched her club and already organized a fun activity for everyone to express their creativity on a budget!

Hey, I'm Julianne Dean, Hoover High's FIDM Fashion Club President! In our club we had a fashion challenge where the girls got into groups. They were given five minutes to make an outfit out of a trash bag using various decorations. One girl was selected in each group to model the outfit on our "runway!”

The winners received bags of candy—because who doesn't love candy! It gave everyone the chance to not only get to know each other and work as a team, but also to learn how to be creative under pressure!


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Trashy Fashion at Hoover High in Alabama

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