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Style+Music: Sydney Rich

Get to know this Mountain Ridge High School FC President and Senior from Glendale, Arizona.

Clothing is meant to be a way of expressing yourself, and for me, fashion is an art. It's descriptive of how I feel, and who I am or want to be. I started a Fashion Club because I want to find others who share the same passion as I do. It's so much fun :)

My personal style is eclectic. Sometimes I throw in hints of retro trends, and other times I feel more urban. My favorite item in my closet is honestly everything. I'm one to mix and match things, so I have no favorites—just a ton of clothes I love :)

I'm most inspired when I go thrift shopping and see the potential in what others saw as undesirable. But I'm not definitive at all, and always open minded when I look at a garment. At the basis of all of my fashion decisions, though, is a thorough amount of confidence in myself, as it's the key to pulling off any look.

I really love Oscar de la Renta and Prada. Everything that comes out of their collections just makes my jaw drop and wish I owned a piece. These fashion houses are filled with absolute geniuses.

I love fashion because it has no boundaries or limits as to what defines it. It's almost like a way of life in how you see clothing. In the end, all it takes is confidence in what you’re wearing to truly look good and feel good.

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