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Style+Music: Sierra Figueroa

Get to know this Valley High School FC President from Sacramento, California.

My name is Sierra Figueroa, and I'm a sophomore at Valley High School in Sacramento, California. I'm the Fashion Club President.

My personal style is girly girl mixed with a bit of edgy. The one thing in my wardrobe I can't live without is my plaid peacoat. It fits really well, and it kinda makes me feel like I’m in London!

Coco Chanel and Kimora Lee Simmons are my favorite fashion designers. Their designs are simple, yet classy.

What I love about fashion is getting to play with different fabrics and colors so I can mix and match a lot.

My career goals are to grow and learn as much as I can from FIDM before going into the fashion industry. I hope to one day design my own clothing line.


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