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Style+Music: Kate Kalinowski

Algonquin Regional HS FC President shares her Top 10 Spotify Playlist and talks about her love of fashion.

I love fashion for two main reasons:
1) My first memories are of my grammy and I creating clothes for my dolls and pajamas for my little sister. As I have grown I am always reminded of those fun and magical times when I am surrounded by fashion.
2) Fashion is a way for me to express my mood, personality and style without having to say a word. I have faced many issues with body image and self confidence throughout my life and I have noticed that dressing nicely can really impact the way I feel about myself and the way others treat me. For me one of the biggest compliments I could receive is someone saying, "You look nice today," or, "I love your outfit." It really boosts my mood and makes me feel confident.

I started a Fashion Club because I wanted kids in my school, who love fashion, to have an outlet to express their interests. I have always loved fashion and was really excited to bring something that I love so much into my community and school.

My style varies with my mood, but overall I am drawn toward a mix of preppy and boho clothing. I love that both styles centralize around a few good pieces and rely on playful colors to create interest. Imagine Urban Outfitters, Free People, Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer collaborating on a fashion line. That would be my dream come true.

My favorite outfit is a black and white striped t-shirt dress (Marshall's), grey tights, grey ankle booties (Journey's), with a tan and green infinity scarf that has neon pink roses on it (flea market). Since I live in Massachusetts, where it is unfortunately cold half of the year, I often wear a grey army jacket with it (Max Jeans). I love this outfit because it can be really casual or more formal, but either way it is super comfy.

I adore Kate Spade. The playfulness of her collections is really refreshing and I am always excited to see what she has in store for the next season. I love all of the tote bags with funny catch phrases, the patterns that adorn the dresses and of course the sparkle. Plus my first really nice bag was from Kate Spade, and my name is Kate, so that gives the label added bonus points.

I am always down for shopping, but if I had to choose a few of my favorites...
Aerie is always my go to for cute bralettes and comfy basics.
Monday Dress and Hope's are my favorite online boutiques. They offer a great mixture of preppy, boho, glam and more all at reasonable prices. Plus, they run great sales all the time, which are great for stocking up.
Express never disappoints. I love their jeans, jackets, accessories and the Barcelona tanks. They are reversible and go great with a bunch of looks.
Nordstrom is my personal favorite for shoes and bags. They always seem to have what I am looking for. Last year, I snagged a Kate Spade bag, originally $450, for $200.


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Top 10 Spotify Playlist: Kate Kalinowski

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