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Style+Music: Juliana DeIntinis

Check out the fashion and Top 10 Spotify Playlist for this Parsippany HS FC President.

I’m the FIDM Fashion Club President at Parsippany High School in New Jersey.

I would say my personal style is urban. I feel my true love for fashion comes from my love for art which has helped defined my style as urban.

The item in my closet I love the most is my BCBG heels.

Juliana DeIntinis two photos

Juliana DeIntinis with variety of chairs

Top 10 Spotify Playlist: Juliana DeIntinis

Juliana DeIntinis was one of ten Fashion Club Presidents in the New York area picked by Adidas to style the Tubular and NMD look book. Find out more.

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Juliana DeIntinis’ Style+Music

Juliana DeIntinis at Yeezy fashion showmore >>




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