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Style+Music: Jacob Munton

Perris HS FC President shares his Top 10 Spotify Playlist and talks about his personal style.

I’m a senior at Perris High School, and the FIDM Fashion Club President. Fashion is the best way to transform everything going on in your mind into something tangible.

My style is different for each category of clothing. However, I tend to dress very modern casual. My signature look is usually Hollister Jeans with some type of H&M top. My favorite places to shop are H&M, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein.

My favorite designer is, hands down, Oliver Rousteing (BALMAIN). He is constantly pushing the limits and I love it.

I see myself as a Creative Director in Apparel Industry Management running my own company in men's fashion.

Top 10 Spotify Playlist: Jacob Munton

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Style+Music of Jacob Munton of Perris High School

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