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Style+Music: Camryne Washington

Fort Lauderdale HS FC President shares her Top 10 Spotify Playlist and talks about her love of fashion.

Style+Music: Camryne Washington

I love fashion because it's everywhere and defines who we are, and truly allows us to express ourselves. I started a Fashion Club because I wanted to have a place where people who are into fashion like I am could bond and create together.

Sometimes I think I'm a punk princess, wearing distressed jeans mixed with a soft feminine shirt. But sometimes I'm athleisure street chic. I think my personal style really depends on the mood I’m in and what I decide to pull together for the day.

One day I may feel like pulling out the flares and embracing my inner hippie. Another day, maybe style my button down to feel a little preppy. When I’m feeling a little sporty chic, I pull out my tights and a gold watch. My style is definitely whatever I make it out to be.

My distressed black jeans are the one thing in my closet that will still be there in ten years.

I love to draw, sew, embroider, and take photos. I’m obsessed with Refinery-29 snapchats (they're the holy grail of fashion inspo). I'm also obsessed with TOPSHOP. I love Korean dramas and music, and I love Japanese street style.

Elie Saab is my favorite designer because every dress he designs is elegant and lovely.

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Top 10 Spotify Playlist: Camryne Washington

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Style+Music of Camryne Washington of Fort Lauderdale High School

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