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Santa Fe High School Fashion Show

FC President Chrystel Bocanegra’s fashion show featured a dress made of bubble wrap, and another made of balloons!

Our fashion show theme was American Volcano—the idea behind that was to bring an American feel to our fashion. Our fashion designs were a mix of everything—creativity, ‘60s, ‘80s, modern, and overall unique. The American Volcano was held on April 21, 2016. There were a total of 30 looks designed by our Fashion Club, and a few by Commercial Art.

Fashion Club promoted the event by designing flyers, and we visited classrooms to spread the word.

What I enjoyed the most about putting together the show was how it really gives you a feel for the fashion industry. American Volcano really pushed me to be creative, and to respect other individual’s talent, the fashion industry, and so much more.

My biggest challenge was my model. I had one model throughout my whole fashion design process, and the day before the fashion show, we had a rehearsal and right as she got off the runway, she told me she was too scared to walk down in front of everyone attending the fashion show.

That night, I had to find someone else, with almost the same measurements, to model my design the next day, and thankfully I did!

Of course, through every challenge there is something to learn from, and I learned to always be prepared for anything and everything!

The fashion show was an amazing experience, and I definitely recommend every Fashion Club to have one! I would do it all over if I could! None of this would have been possible without Fashion Club and my advisor, Mrs. G.

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Santa Fe HS Fashion Show

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