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Livingston HS FC President Wins First Place in FCCLA Competition

Samantha Sheng created a Barbie doll mermaid costume inspired by a Halloween costume she made for herself the year before.

In November, I competed in the Passion for Fashion Barbie doll competition at the FCCLA NJ Fall Leadership Conference, and won gold and first place! I had to make a Barbie outfit. The rules stated that we couldn’t use any type of glue or tape—which meant I had to sew the garments. The prize was a scholarship to the Summer Workshop at Berkeley College, which was a surprise to me—so when they called my name and I got up on stage and they handed me the scholarship, I was very shocked and ecstatic!

Originally, I didn’t know what I wanted to make for the competition and I knew that making clothes as small as a Barbie was going to be difficult. I knew that I wanted to make something that nobody had ever made or seen before. Then I remembered the mermaid Halloween costume that I made for myself two years ago (my freshmen year of high school) and I wore it as my Halloween costume. I got an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from my life size mermaid Halloween costume, so I wanted to recreate it in a miniature form. In addition, I always loved mermaids and the creatures were mysterious but beautiful. I would always buy anything that said mermaids on it because I just loved them. When I was little I would watch the Nickelodeon TV show about mermaids, called H2O.

The process had a lot of trial and error but I persevered. I used hand sewing techniques and a sewing machine. The materials I used included ribbon, polyester and cotton poplin blend fabric, nylon netting, elastic, polyester and cotton blend fabric, and water bottles.

I found out about the FIDM Fashion Club program when a representative from FIDM, Georgia Schmitt, visited my high school and said that FIDM Fashion Club would offer many opportunities for me and my high school. My high school didn’t have a Fashion Club so it was perfect that we created one with FIDM.

The best part about being in the Fashion Club is all of the scholarship opportunities and the activities what we get each month in the mail. It’s awesome to have a club created by a college when you’re in high school because I don’t know any other colleges that do that. FIDM Fashion Club is a very unique program.

I hope to one day compete in Project Runway Junior or Project Runway. I hope to create and own my famous clothing brand. I’ve made my own clothes and jewelry before. I own a trademark called Box Your Booty. It’s a brand name that I thought of for men’s underwear. I have made products for my brand and I have some friends in my school wearing my products. I’m a web designer and will be creating a website for Box Your Booty in February 2016.

Moreover, in the summer of 2015, I took an FIT workshop and Parsons NY SIS program and received three college credits. I won the Future Fashionista’s wearable art contest in 2014 and got first place because I made a bag inspired by Christian Louboutin, using recycled materials. With winning first place, I won a free class which was three months and once a week. I’m also a current Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador since August 2015. I recently completed a Parsons and Teen Vogue online certificate program called Fashion Industry Essentials.

I’ve been cheerleading for five years and I’ve been in competitive cheerleading for four years. I am a All America UCA cheerleader for three years. UCA is a highly respected cheerleading organization. I’ve been asked to cheer in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade for two years in a row from UCA and I was asked to cheer in London this past New Years (2015-2016) by UCA. Also, I cheered in the Buffalo Citrus Bowl pre-game last New Years (2014-2015) in Orlando, Florida. Lastly, I’ve competed in the Miss Teen New Jersey and I was Miss Teen Essex County in 2015.

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Livingston High School FIDM FC President Samantha Sheng

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