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Parkway South Goes Trendspotting

FC President Madison Applegate turns trendspotting into a game with a mall scavenger hunt.

Madison Applegate reports this week on “Some Trendy Competition.” As president of FIDM Fashion Club at Parkway South High School in St. Louis, Missouri, she led her club on a fashion trend scavenger hunt at the mall, as a fun way to identify this season’s fashion trends.

Our club has had a blast so far this year. One of our favorite activities we did was our mall trend scavenger hunt!

During our planning meeting prior to the hunt, members chimed in, compiling a list of the most prevalent trends in fashion today. Trends such as over-the-knee boots, grunge inspired clothing, and fashionable activewear were at the top of the list.

Based on our trendy list, I wrote 10 clues for each of the two groups to hunt for the items in the mall. The best part is—they only had 30 minutes to complete the hunt.

It was so cool to see how excited the members were to apply their knowledge of trends in a real life competition setting. (Everybody loves a little friendly competition.)

As the teams found their items and completed their tasks, they texted me photos of their success. The photos were hilarious, and of course, fashionable.

After the hunt, we all gathered together and discussed how exciting and different this Fashion Club activity was compared to previous meetings. We learned the importance of applying our newfound knowledge to the community that surrounds us.

With the new semester here, we look forward to gaining new members and showing them the joys of learning something new and making it FUN!

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Parkway South HS Goes Trendspotting

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