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Osage High School FC Spreads Positivity on Campus

Why not make the world a better place by putting up a mirror on campus with super amazing words of positivity and encouragement all over it?

Hi! My name is Hannah Mauser, president of the Osage High School Fashion Club.

We wanted to spread some positivity in our high school, and we did just that! As a club, we came up with encouraging words. After making a list, we cut out pieces of colored paper and wrote words like, smart, beautiful, handsome, funny, confident, etc.

We then posted these words on a mirror in the hallway of our school asking students, “What do you see?” It was a fun and easy way to show other students what we’re doing in the club and include the student body, too!

Osage you could say is in the middle of nowhere—in Iowa!! My friends and I have loved shopping, doing each other’s makeup, and watching YouTubers since 7th grade.

I found out about FIDM over Twitter at the end of last year, when I was a sophomore. I knew that FIDM was something special, and I definitely want to go into some aspect of the fashion industry.

I just so happened to stumble across a tweet explaining FIDM’s 3 Days of Fashion camps. After attending a camp in San Francisco, I knew that I just had to bring it back to Osage and start a club! I got my best friend, Alex, to jump on board and become my co-president too. We set up a booth at our club fair and had over 40 students sign up! We’ve had lots of fun so far, planning for future events and doing fun activities!

Our most recent club activity was a DIY t-shirt scarf. Everyone has an old shirt they don’t use anymore so why not give it a makeover?! The members had a blast! We got the idea from our Fashion Club adviser and of course, Pinterest!

All it took was an old t-shirt that the members brought themselves, scissors, and creativity. We made the scarves by simply cutting the shirt in half and fringing the bottom of it to get a stylish scarf!

Keep updated with our club on Twitter and Instagram: @ohs_fashion! We can’t wait to get more involved and of course be part of FIDM Fashion Club!

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 Fashion Club in Iowa Spreads Positivity on Campus

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