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Olympia HS FC Raises Awareness About Eating Disorders

Maddy Ford leads her club to raise funds for the Eating Disorder Foundation.

Under the direction of FIDM Fashion Club Advisor David Eby, Olympia High School Fashion Club President Madalyn Ford meets weekly on Fridays with her club of 30 members. They’re raising awareness about eating disorders.

For the past two years, the focus of my FIDM Fashion Club has been on creating awareness about eating disorders. Our objective is to promote positive self-body image. Our hope is that by talking about it and educating our fellow high schoolers on the psychological part of disordered eating, we can help those struggling and help decrease the frequency of eating disorders in high school students.

I started to brainstorm project ideas last year, with the central idea that the fashion industry and rise of social media corresponds to the increase in eating disorders. Having been personally affected from an eating disorder for the majority of my life, I feel it’s a necessity to spread awareness and bring this problem to light.

We decided to do a fundraiser for the The Eating Disorder Foundation located in Denver, Colorado. The foundation is a non-profit that provides free support to those battling eating disorders, and also provides support to parents and friends affected by the eating disorders of loved ones.

We decided to sell t-shirts for $15 that say in bold white letters, “MORE SELF LOVE,” with an emoji muscle arm on the left sleeve. The t-shirts are bright red to symbolize strength and stand out.

We’re going to ask everyone to wear their t-shirts to school on Friday, March 25th. Our club will be hosting a seminar to promote awareness about eating disorders, during “Bear Time”—a special time set aside on Fridays in which students have club meetings and meet with teachers.

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