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Mira Mesa HS Prom Fashion Show

The band at Mira Mesa HS participated in the Rose Parade this year for the first time ever, and Fashion Club commemorates it in a fashion show.

Maricela Islas-Hall reports this week on the prom fashion show her club produced at school on February 2nd, inspired by the New Year’s Day Rose Parade in Pasadena! As Co-President of FIDM Fashion Club at Mira Mesa High School in San Diego, California, she borrowed prom dresses from David’s Bridal and tuxedos from Men’s Warehouse for the fashion show.

My co-president and I developed the idea to base this year’s prom fashion show on the Rose Parade. Our school band, The Sapphire Sound, attended their first Rose Parade this year and we wanted to commemorate their hard work by incorporating roses in the set. Thanks to our decorators, our thirteen models were able to elegantly strut their stuff through the rosey pillars!

Most of our models are members of the club, and have volunteered to be models in past shows. I know that many people are reluctant to sign up but with encouragement and confident boosting messages, my co-president and I tried to help our new models recognize their beauty and confidence!

Our members shared posts on social media and our daily broadcast news committee promoted it on the day of.

Since the show was promoting prom attire, most of the looks were quite fancy and elegant. But in particular, many of the girls flaunted open back gowns with sequins and the boys flaunted spiffy tuxedos in a variety of colors!

The prom dresses this year are definitely inspired by mermaid-like dresses with figure hugging features. In terms of tuxedos and all suits alike, they’re inspired by the dapper look, paired with oxfords.

I really enjoyed the teamwork that was put in to make everything happen. My favorite part was to see our decorators express their creativity and to see the satisfaction and excitement on the faces of the models when they tried on their dresses/tuxedos!

The most challenging aspect was to have our models show up for rehearsal consistently. Another major challenging factor was the potential cancellation of the show. With all the events happening at our school, the administration disregarded the show unknowingly and scheduled another important meeting on the same day (some of our models would have had to attend). Luckily, all the confusion was put to an end when the meeting was rescheduled! We had to wait a few days prior to the show to know if we were even going to have it.

I believe these shows are crucial to participate in/witness because it encourages people to be themselves and to understand the significance of teamwork. Such events are also fun especially when you’re experiencing it with good people. Overall it helps create a fun and carefree environment which should be in all schools. Nothing feels better than to help make something happen, have fun, and look good while doing it!

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Mira Mesa High School Prom Fashion Show

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