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Mercy HS FC Raises $4.6k for School in India

The Fashion Club put on an auction and fashion show fundraiser—the first of its kind at Mercy High School.

FC President Ally Ick led her club in raising $4.6k for The Manthan School in India, by producing a fashion show attended by 150 guests on February 26 at Kohl Mansion, a local historic landmark in Burlingame, California.

Mercy’s FIDM Fashion Club and Mercy’s Students In Action (SIA) service club decided to collaborate on bringing a new fundraiser to Mercy High School—a fashion show. A fellow Mercy student, Hannah Sidhu, had asked Isabella Lim, president of the SIA club, to help her find a way to fundraise for The Manthan School in India, a school Hannah and her grandmother had started on the first floor of her grandmother’s house.

Isabella came to me with the idea, and I was all for it! The two of us, along with fellow club leaders, wrote up a plan to give to the head of school to approve. She loved the idea, and we went straight to the Kohl Mansion organizers to book a day, and the rest was history.

At first we did not have an exact fundraising goal. Once we got closer to pricing the jewelry and tickets, we were hoping to raise a couple thousand. From all the sold jewelry, auction items, and tickets, we were able to raise $4600 for The Manthan School.

The Manthan School in India is a school that particularly focuses upon underprivileged and under-performing children, some of whom are drop-outs or even first generation learners. The program works on building the overall character of a child through holistic education and empowering their students through initiatives, such as health care, nutrition, and capacity building. The school began with Mercy student Hannah Sidhu and her grandmother. Hannah was visiting her grandmother one summer and noticed the number of impoverished children on the streets; she asked her grandmother what they could do to help. They decided education may help, and on the first floor of her grandmother’s home, they began a small school. Soon enough, they were able to move the school to a commercial building. With continuous fundraising, the school continues to grow. Hannah always finds ways to raise money each year to donate to the school, whether it be for new uniforms or school supplies.

The theme of our fashion show was “Spring Awakening.” We had 34 models, all Mercy students from all grades. GAP, Weston Boutique, and Styling Fabulous Boutique loaned their latest spring styles for the show. We also asked students to bring in their own fancy, cocktail dresses which they may have worn to our Winter Formal, months prior. All outfits were then styled with jewelry, created from Swarovski crystals by our Fashion Club members. Additional jewelry was made for purchase and served as auction items at the event. Every look was styled by our Fashion Club leaders, including the makeup which was designed by our club secretary. Our club’s VP, Anna Brucken, designed the invitation.

To ensure our show was a success, FC and SIA club leaders met frequently for check-ins. We also separated jobs to avoid confusion and make the work go faster. Our positive vibes and motivation really boosted our spirits and reminded us that hard work would definitely give good results. The rehearsals and the event itself was managed by a student stage manager, who kept perfect timing. Being an experienced competitive dancer, I was able to direct the models and choreograph the walk on the runway.

My favorite part of the whole experience was putting the show together. It was something I had never done, and the process from brainstorming the show, to making the jewelry, to seeing the models practice and to the actual show happening amazed me. My club leaders and I never really thought an event like this produced only by students would happen, but it did and I couldn’t be more proud. We utilized everyone's skills of leadership, creativity, and resourcefulness to pull off an amazing event, the first of its kind at Mercy High School.

I think the biggest challenge for me was not being there for the actual show. I am the captain of Mercy’s Varsity Hip Hop dance team, and we had a competition in Las Vegas on the same day of the show. When I realized they were going to be on the same day, I felt awful and was worried I was abandoning the project. But the other club members assured me that if I worked hard enough until the event, my efforts would show even if I wasn’t there physically. I knew that I couldn’t let this one little obstacle get to me, so I made sure that all my work in helping to make jewelry, practicing with the models, and all other jobs that I could possibly do were done 101% in order to leave my mark on the show.

Thanks to the FIDM Fashion Club Grant, we were able to buy the supplies we needed for the fashion show, from the makeup to the wire and displays for the jewelry. It would not have been possible if not for the financial aid from FIDM. Thank you!

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