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Lodi HS FC President Teaches Club How To Sew

They plan to make bralettes and swimsuits.

My name is Channing Simpson. I’m a junior at Lodi High School in Lodi, California and the President of our FIDM Fashion Club.

During one of our recent club activities, we brought out the sewing machines from our sewing class, and taught members how to use them. About ten of our members participated in this activity in which we practiced sewing in straight lines and intricate patterns following designs on a piece of paper.

The main reason students join Fashion Club is because they want to learn how to sew and express themselves.

Whether you wish to work in the fashion industry or not, having basic sewing skills is a great tool to have—to simply mend a shirt or to spice up your wardrobe and add your own flair to things! The girls had a lot of fun with this activity and we’re all looking forward to getting the sewing machines out again and creating something.

Soon, we plan to sew some bralettes (and maybe even attempt swimsuits) and in the far future, we plan to put on a huge fashion show!

I started a Fashion Club because fashion truly is my passion and I wanted to create a fun group in which people with similar interests could get together to create beautiful things and share their ideas.

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