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Liberty HS Fashion Club’s Unboxing Video

Watch the LHS Fashion Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado, unbox their FC Starter Kit!

A few of our favorite quotes from the video:

“That’s a nice water bottle.”
“We do love our FIDM Fashion Club. It’s small but it’s still mighty.”
“Which goodies? Show us the goodies.”
“Is that an official Fashion Club notebook?”
“Are those tattoos or stickers?”
“OMG, there’s chapstick in here!”
“Oh, I love chapstick! Gimme one of those. Thank you FIDM. We love chapstick.”
“Yes! This kit!”
“Oh my gosh! That is the most adorable thing ever.”
“I am wanting to go to this school even more now.”
“Pens! I want pens for recruitment.”
“God bless America. And God bless FIDM Fashion Club.”

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Liberty HS Unboxing Video of the FC Starter Kit

watch the video >>




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