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FC President Caldwell Harris raises $1K in the second annual fashion show at Leon High School!

Friday, April 15th, 2016 is known to Leon Fashion & Design Club members as the day where 3.5 months of hard work was showcased. For community members, faculty and the student body, this day was the EQUINOX FASHION SHOW!

With more than 200 attendees, we raised nearly $1K! Future club members will inherit a great legacy to build upon.

Watching our club that was formed September 2014 grow into what it has become today is nothing short of incredible. Everyone from our sponsors to our models to backstage volunteers to club members and photographers were more than generous with their time, talent and resources.

In consultation with our very efficient club advisor, Mrs. Monique Wyche, I began the preliminary show planning with my executive board in mid-December, followed by regularly scheduled organizational and club meetings where we finalized our sponsor lists, divided our responsibilities, and organized the club members into four working committees (talent, marketing, production, and clothing), with each committee headed by a member of the executive board.

The talent committee (headed by our club treasurer) scouted and recruited models; the marketing committee (headed by our club secretary) spread the word about the show through social media and personal conversations; the production committee (headed by our club VP) worked on the pre-show presentation, the set list, and the sound and lighting theme, while the clothing committee (headed by me, club president) sourced the looks for the entire show.

With over 20 dedicated members, each committee had 3-5 people assigned all working collectively to achieve the same goal, a successful second annual show.

Inspired by the equinox, a day in which day and night are the same length, I designed the show to have an equal number of daytime and nighttime looks, with stage lighting that faded from light (daytime) to dark (nighttime).

We were fortunate to have the student participation of Lively Tech Vocational School, who created amazing hair and makeup looks on our models. Cosmetology students worked with us in advance to create a minimalist makeup look, and gradually transitioned to a more dramatic look for the special occasion segment.

We had phenomenal sponsors, recognized locally and nationally, including Macy’s, Nic’s Toggery, Curio, Wonsaponatime Vintage, The Hotel Duval (the chic location of our promotional photo shoot), and the PrintWorks.

Our ability to secure sponsorships of this level was a collaborative effort, created by goodwill and personal relationships; providing marketing value to the sponsors and being able to articulate how business support helps promote a positive school endeavor.

After hours of phone calls, emails, and face-to-face meetings with our sponsors, model fittings, rehearsals, production tests, and time spent on invitations and reminders via social media to attend the show, we could all ecstatically say, “The EQUINOX is here.”

Personally, the energy that I felt backstage from the crowd after each segment, and during the finale, was extraordinary.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the expertise and enormous value of having Ms. Emma Rachel Gray, a former professional model, guide our teams throughout the show preparation and backstage assistance. She is a stickler for perfection, and it definitely showed throughout the show.

The student models all had a great time making their friends and families very proud. After the show, many parents gave me feedback on the lovely clothing and several of the models even commented that participating in the EQUINOX has helped them build personal confidence. This input gives me great encouragement that the show is not only fun, but adds value to those participating personally.

Check out more of the 2016 EQUINOX Fashion Show by visiting our Facebook (Leon Fashion and Design Club) and Instagram @leonfashionandesignclub.

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