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Everglades HS FC President Travels to LA from Florida to Visit FIDM

After visiting the campus, she applied to the Fashion Design program.

Just a few weeks ago I hopped on a flight from South Florida all the way to the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Besides going to the awesome beaches and doing touristy things such as strutting down the Walk of Fame and checking out some of my favorite celebrities in the Wax Museum, it was essential that I visit FIDM! There was no way I could go all the way out to SoCal without having stepped foot into the aesthetically pleasing building located near the Fashion District.

On my guided tour, not only did I learn about the cool majors FIDM offers, but I also fell in love! From the chic lobby area to the student work that was on display, I just couldn't help but to obsess over the idea of me attending one of the top fashions schools in the country, located right in the heart of my favorite city!

While visiting FIDM, I learned so much about each major they offer, and how some of the majors intertwine with each other. As an out-of-state student, I can say visiting college campuses is vital when deciding where you want to study because—you never know—the school may not fit your personal preferences. I've been obsessed with Los Angeles since middle school, and fashion has always just been my thing, so it was fairly easy for me to fall head over heels for FIDM.

Almost immediately, I applied to FIDM to study Fashion Design. I'm now working on my portfolio, bringing my A-game in hopes that I get accepted into my dream school!

Being President of the Fashion Club is helping me to achieve my goals within the fashion industry by giving me the opportunity to meet other people that share a love for fashion with me! It's always great to meet people with similar interests to my own, allowing us to bond, put our ideas into perspective, and collaborate with each other.

The best part about being in Fashion Club is how naturally all of the members can come together, talk about fashion trends and runway shows for ages, and never get bored! The amount of energy and support generated from the members is awesome!


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Everglades HS FC Pres Visits FIDM Los Angeles

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