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Bishop McDevitt High School Fashion Club

FC President Giuliana Marafioti produced a fashion show at her high school in Wyncote, PA, and raised $1.1k.

My club recently had our Second Annual Fashion Show on March 12, 2016. We had over 200 guests attend, maybe even 300. Between concessions, ticket sales, and raffles—we raised over $1,100!

It took a lot of hard work and dedication to put this show together. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the members of the club and, of course, our moderator, Jessica Ciampi.

We donated half of the funds we raised to a local organization that helps provide weekend meals to school kids, because they are in a situation where their parents just can not.

We started fundraising early on in the planning, with everything from bake sales at lunch to Valentine's Day candy grams. I pitched a local CEO, and he donated $300 to pay for our show t-shirts! Every club member was willing to contribute money as well, so we set up a club fee of $20, which helped a lot. We also decided to print and sell tickets early, so we could have the money up front to pay for concessions and decorations.

We started discussing themes back in September and came up with Flashbacks—to feature fashions from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and early 2000s. Our local FIDM Rep, Jessica Meillier, gave us a lot of research on the style of those decades. We had 29 models—15 girls and 14 guys—and each of them had one outfit for each era. The looks were sourced at thrift stores as well from home, so everyone got pretty creative.

I was so inspired at my trip to DEBUT 2015 that I had to incorporate children into the show. After the decades were done we had a "Mini Me" section of the show where the models walked the runway with their younger siblings. I think that was the most unique part of our show because no one was expecting it.

But I didn't want to end there, I wanted to also incorporate the school in it as well. Right after the Mini Me's we moved onto McD Athletics. I choose a certain number of athletes from the Fall and Winter sports and they did their thing out on the runway. After that we closed the show with formal wear just to bring it all together.

For me it was very nerve racking the day of the show. I had won a flag design contest for the state of Pennsylvania and had to be in Harrisburg in the morning for the reception.

It was my job to assign different jobs to reliable members of the club, whom I knew would get it done. The girls did an amazing job at decorating and running through the sets before I got there. We also had made a schedule with exact times for everything to be done. When all the girls did their part that is how we knew the show was going to be a success. I am proud to have that be my last show at Bishop McDevitt High School.

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FC President Giuliana Marafioti
 produced a fashion show at her high school in Wyncote, PA, and raised $1.1K.

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