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Style+Music: Jessica Zambrana

Get to know this Beaumont High School FC President in Beaumont, California.

Style+Music: Jessica Zambrana

My name is Jessica Zambrana I am a Sophomore at Beaumont High School in California.

I started an official FIDM Fashion Club to celebrate the beauty of fashion, and to have a place for others to express their own fashion style, research and learn about designs around the world, and have a place for people to come and be who they are. I also just thought starting a Fashion Club would be fun! (:

I love fashion! Who doesn’t? There’s so much to it. Fashion expresses how you feel from the inside and out. It expresses who you are. Fashion has different styles, different trends, different colors. I love it! It’s beautiful.

My personal style is usually comfortable and flowy. I like to mix it up a little bit—you know, experiment. For example, one day I'll dress comfortably, the next day I'll dress girly and the next I'll dress casual. My personal style really depends on my mood.

My favorite things in my closet right now are my dresses, shorts, pants and my capris, because spring is here, and summer is coming!

My favorite designer is Calvin Klein. His dress designs are simple but elegant. Selena Gomez's midnight-blue Calvin Klein mermaid gown she wore to the Grammys—I thought that was beautiful.

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