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Style+Music: Mercedes Thomas

Arizona Charter Academy FIDM Fashion Club President

Mercedes Thomas, FIDM Fashion Club President and senior at Arizona Charter Academy in Surprise, AZ, talks style and shares her Top 10 Playlist!

I’m 17 years old and live in an active volcano. Seriously, Arizona is super hot. What do I love about fashion? It’s hard to say in words how much I love fashion. Mainly everything that fashion is, a creative way to express yourself—sharing what you see through your own eyes. In the 6th grade, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up; being the person I am, I went overboard and made a big poster. I even went on and custom made some outfits and styles that I liked. It was the moment I knew life was all about fashion.

When I’m not living and breathing fashion, I like to eat, dance, and occasionally work out. I am also learning how to speak Korean; Korean dramas really help me learn the language faster. I’m a nerd when it comes to anime, manga, and playing vanguard.

Another thing I enjoy is studying anatomy. At one point I wanted to be a physical therapist, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t get to be as creative in that profession. I have a strong gut feeling that I can show my creativity through fashion design, better than any other way.

My family has doctors and lawyers, and even cousins who have built their own businesses. I’m part Trinidadian and African American; however, I’m sure when people see me I look like any other girl. Fashion design is something I am passionate about; I am the next major fashion designer, so remember my name. (:


I like to keep an open mind when it comes to fashion; I would have to say Japanese street fashion is one of my favorite styles. I also like Rococo Era fashion, ‘40s fashion, and I adore Lolita fashion. I personally like to explore different styles because I feel they’re all unique and interesting.

I like floral prints and fun fabric colors with something simple, like a solid color. I usually wear only black and white, but when I’m in Lolita/regular dress I’m in full color. Over all, I just wear what makes me feel good.

Growing up I was judged a lot for what I looked like. When I would wear something I thought was cute, other girls in my class would point out my flaws. In other words, I had an adult body in the 5th grade. I developed breasts at a really young age; I was teased about it many times. It got so bad to the point I stopped wearing clothes that fit me. My natural shirt size is a medium, but I wear an extra-large and higher. I didn’t like to show my skin. I wore a jacket all the time, even in the summer. I was also bullied about being a kpop fan. Truly, kpop makes me a better person. It helps me believe in myself.

I’m engaged in music that has a good rhythm and has an interesting story. Songs that makes me feel good are some of the best songs. Music makes me feel empowered when songs are talking about being different. The songs that I’ve picked are things that I’ve embraced, thought, felt, or done. These were some of the things that got me to show who I really am. I can get judged harshly in person, but when you look at my style, you’ll know I’m a fun, kind, a little shy, and adventurous person. This is how I’m feeling.

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