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All The Feels By FC President Serena Abel

Serena recently interviewed FIDM Grad Erica Williams, and can’t wait to attend FIDM.

Photo: Serena Abel

Costume design is the career I would like to go into at FIDM, if everything works out I would even like to be a costume designer for Disney!

I learned so much from Erica. Inspiration is something I struggle with, so her tips were so helpful! I love that she said sketch everything because I have recently started to do that and it helps so much.

Make sure to get involved in what you love now because it will set you up for something wonderful in the future! FIDM has already opened so many doors for me, I can't imagine what it will be like once I'm in college there!

Erica has such good reasons on how FIDM shaped her for her career now. I can't wait to attend FIDM. Theatre Costume Design is only one of the careers offered at FIDM. There are so many that could fit your interests perfectly!

Read more of Serena’s interview to find out how FIDM prepared Erica Williams for her career in costume design, what it’s like to work for Disney, and what you can do now to prepare for a career in costume design.

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All The Feels By FC President Serena Abel

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