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Agoura Hills HS Gets VIP Treatment

Fashion Club Assistant Danica Ybanez visits Agoura Hills High School to do an emoji pillow DIY with Fashion Club members.

Danica Ybanez is one of the best DIY crafters we know. Just check out her YouTube channel WhatDayMade and see for yourself! That’s why Agoura Hills High School recently asked her for a special visit to do a group DIY with their Fashion Club.

FC President Ashleigh Meyer reached out to Danica after meeting her a year ago at FIDM Open House. Danica works with the Fashion Club Program on FIDM’s LA campus. Since Ashleigh’s club is local to Los Angeles, she asked if Danica would visit her club to lead them in a DIY. The answer was: Yes!

Danica quickly got to work and created a template for an Emoji pillow (which you can download here). It was the perfect project for a lunchtime activity. Danica brought most of the supplies including felt, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Ashleigh provided pillow stuffing and more felt options.

Before she got started on the DIY, she introduced herself to the club and shared her story. Danica was the president of the Fashion Club at her school, West Ranch High School in Valencia, California. After she graduated, she attended FIDM and earned her Fashion Design degree in 2013. Since then, her designs have been sold at stores including Anthropologie. She’s so creative, BuzzFeed even hired her to create miniature animations for special projects!

To set the tone for the DIY, Danica put together a playlist which included “Cameo Lover” (Kimbra), “Dog Days Are Over” (Florence + The Machine), and “Fools Rush In” (Kevin Shields remix of the Bow Wow Wow song).

Ashleigh summed it up when she said, “It was a really fun day and everyone enjoyed and learned something from it.”

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Danica Visits Agoura Hills High School for Emoji Pillow DIY

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