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Rachael Guida Styles Adidas Look Book

This FC President from St. Dominic High School in New York is one of ten from the east coast who styled the Tubular and NMD look book.

Rachael Guida was one of ten Fashion Club Presidents in the New York City area who had the amazing opportunity to work with Adidas this spring to style the Tubular and NMD look book. Hand-picked by Adidas, the FC Presidents were mentored on set by Zanna Roberts Rassi, professional stylist and Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire. The look book is available in Adidas stores nationwide. Read on to learn about Rachael’s experience in her own words.


Working on a professional photo shoot was an amazing experience. I was excited and honored that my ideas were being included and considered. It was so inspiring to see how the stylist paid so much attention to detail and was so passionate about her work.

I learned so much from all of the talented people that I worked with. I never considered how many people work and are so important on set. I learned how much time and effort is put into making something like this possible. I saw an incredible work ethic displayed by everyone I met. These things have to be experienced. Just reading about it in a magazine is not the same thing.

I was very inspired by the concept of getting out of my comfort zone. I tried to work with more color and different fabrics than I normally would, I think my concept really shined through.

Being part of FIDM Fashion Club has helped me to focus and figure out what my career goals are. It has helped me to realize that fashion is the industry where I want to invest my future. I would like to start in fashion marketing and eventually expand into styling and designing with a concentration in lingerie.

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