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Natalie Mandich Styles Adidas Look Book

This West Babylon Senior High School FC President was chosen by Adidas to style their Tubular look book.

Natalie Mandich was one of ten Fashion Club Presidents in the New York City area who had the amazing opportunity to work with Adidas this spring to style the Tubular and NMD look book. Hand-picked by Adidas, the FC Presidents were mentored on set by Zanna Roberts Rassi, professional stylist and Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire. The look book is available in Adidas stores nationwide. Read on to learn about Natalie Mandich’s experience in her own words.


Working with Adidas taught me so much about how much work truly goes into a photoshoot and making a look book. It's not just a stylist, photographer, and model—there are a lot more people on set who play crucial roles contributing to the finished product.

Another major thing I learned is how to work on a schedule. You don't always have time to spend hours picking out the perfect look. You just have to go with your gut.

My first look for the Tubular shoe was completely inspired by the ‘60s mod era. When I was picking out pieces for my look, I saw a white vinyl Miu Miu dress and was in love. It reminded me of this picture of Twiggy and so I knew I had to use it. It was of cool, clean material that went perfect with the Adidas futuristic theme! I layered a black and white color blocking, long sleeved crop top underneath. To finish off this look, I took Zanna’s advice and made it a bit more edgy with some chunky silver rings. This was definitely my favorite look out of the two.

My second look, for NMD, had a much more urban, underground type of feel. It was street style opposed to my Tubular’s high fashion look. I really wanted to use a long athletic Adidas jacket, so I paired it with a bodycon striped Alexander Wang dress.

It looked really cool layering the two pieces because the dress had a pop of coral at the top, and to make it a bit more street style we added some Adidas socks. This look was really put together seconds before the shoot due to a lot of adjustments with the original NMD look, but I couldn’t be happier with the finished look. It went perfectly with the theme and really showed my own styling.

In the future, I plan to own and operate at least three high end boutiques, with my first boutique at home in NYC. I also want to see the world and travel while working as a freelance stylist.

Being part of FIDM Fashion Club as my chapter’s president has provided me with so many amazing opportunities! Not only have I gotten to work on this project with Adidas X FIDM Fashion Club, but I have also received scholarship opportunities, had my work published on FIDM’s website and much more. I have also learned leadership skills running my club and how to put together my own events like my school’s runway show! Without FIDM Fashion Club, I wouldn’t have half the experience or knowledge of the fashion industry that I have today!

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