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Deanna Palacio Styles Adidas Look Book

This W.T. Clarke High School FC President was chosen by Adidas to style their Tubular look book.

Deanna Palacio was one of ten Fashion Club Presidents in the New York City area who had the amazing opportunity to work with Adidas this spring to style the Tubular and NMD look book. Hand-picked by Adidas, the FC Presidents were mentored on set by Zanna Roberts Rassi, professional stylist and Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire. The look book is available in Adidas stores nationwide. Read on to learn about Deanna’s experience in her own words.

Working with a stylist was really exciting because I got to see how a professional does her job. It was extremely helpful to have Zanna there to assist me in styling the look book since it was something completely new to me. She made it simple and comfortable for me to work with the clothes and I'm very grateful that I got to experience this.

I learned about all of the behind the scenes of a professional photoshoot and that it takes a large team of people to make it work. I learned to be patient waiting for the perfect shot, and how to keep busy during such long days! I also learned to be nice to everyone and to never burn your bridges in fashion. Being professional and respectful is extremely important for success in this industry.

My biggest inspiration was the street style of New York. Inspiration for my Tubular look was taken from futuristic details and texture. I created an all-black, bodycon look to keep it sleek, and adding a bomber jacket finished off the outfit. It reminded me of workout clothes-turned into street wear. For my NMD look I was inspired by the casual-cool street style you see in the springtime. I'm very inspired by the athleisure trend that's currently popular, so I put my take on that into my look.

The girl who would wear my looks is fashion forward and on the run. She loves working out and would wear workout clothes 24/7 if she could. Sneakers are her best friend and she wears them with everything. She loves functional clothing that is also comfortable and practical for running errands throughout the day.

My goal for a future career is to become the chief marketing officer of a major clothing brand. I'm also very passionate about merchandising and would love to work in that, as well as at a fashion magazine—they are interesting and fun to read and would love to help create them.

Being part of FIDM Fashion Club is helping me because I'm getting experience as a leader before I go to college and enter the field I want to pursue. I'm gaining the experience I need to be successful in the business atmosphere when I'm older and it will help me from making mistakes that I'm making now. I'm also learning that it takes passion and creativity to be successful, and I'm grateful to have this knowledge now, so that I can use this information to succeed in the future.

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