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Maya Jegede Styles Adidas Look Book

This FC President from Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School in New Jersey is one of ten from the east coast who styled the Tubular and NMD look book.

Initially, it was intimidating working with Zanna Roberts Rassi, a professional stylist. I didn't want to style something that was ugly, and I really wanted her to like my ideas. Once I became comfortable with the process though, I had so much fun and I learned a lot.

I learned the beauty of teamwork and the importance of time management. Overall, the shoot lasted three days and the entire process went so smoothly. They had around 80 people on set with a strict time schedule everyone adhered to.

As a kid you’re taught that you have to work well with others, so it was interesting to see how teamwork applies to adult life. At the end of the shoot, everyone was really happy with how efficiently they completed the project, and I admired that.

I'm a model—and as a model you’re constantly meeting and working with new people so your personality is everything. But sometimes I feel really awkward interacting with people with whom I'm not familiar. When I started FIDM Fashion Club, most of the girls who joined were strangers to me, so Fashion Club has forced me to overcome my social phobias.

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Maya Jegede

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