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Juliana DeIntinis Styles Adidas Look Book

This FC President from Parsipphany High School in New Jersey is one of ten from the east coast who styled the Tubular and NMD look book.

Juliana DeIntinis was one of ten Fashion Club Presidents in the New York City area who had the amazing opportunity to work with Adidas this spring to style the Tubular and NMD look book. Hand-picked by Adidas, the FC Presidents were mentored on set by Zanna Roberts Rassi, professional stylist and Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire. The look book is available in Adidas stores nationwide. Read on to learn about Juliana’s experience in her own words.


I would like to thank Adidas again for this amazing opportunity. The crew showed me what it takes and who it takes to run a production, which exposed me to all the different jobs involved. I met many different personalities from whom I learned their stories and how they got to where they are. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them, and I will forever be a loyal Adidas customer.

The person that would wear my Tubular looks is someone who takes fashion risks and owns them, sets her own trends and makes them work. The person that would wear my NMD look is one who embraces their character through their personal style and influences others to be themselves and to express it.

Zanna Roberts Rassi and her assistants taught me so much. It was so inspiring to work with women like them and I can't wait to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

My career goals are to one day have my own clothing line, be a celebrity stylist and explore film costume design. I have many dreams and I know I can achieve all of these goals, but I can honestly say that because of FIDM I will for sure be pushed to my fullest potential and fulfill my hopes and dreams.

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